Bottoms Up! How to Drink More Water Every Day



Did you know that there's a miracle drink that helps to improve your skin tone, promote weight loss, and even prevent headaches? It’s true—and it’s water! Drinking enough water is very important, and not just to keep dehydration at bay. Here are a few simple ways to drink more water every day. Invest in a […]

Imperial Buffet Is Where Quality, Quantity and Price Meet



People know a good buffet when they see one. That’s why in Shrewsbury, folks go to the Imperial Buffet. Located in the Fairlawn shopping center on Maple Avenue, the Imperial Buffet is the place to go for high quality Asian and American favorites at a reasonable price. But it’s not only the quality, it’s also […]

Feel the Burn With These 6 Low-Impact Workouts



Whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply looking to begin a workout routine from scratch, low-impact workouts are often just as beneficial as more explosive styles. Here are a few low-impact workouts that will take it a bit easier on your body while still showing major results. Kettlebell swings. Any exercise that burns up […]

Get Your Skate On?



Looking to enjoy some winter activities without being out in the cold? Did you know there's a way to ice skate/play hockey indoors right down the road? They have hockey leagues, free skate, and even mini camps over school vacations for the kids! It's an all ages place! Check it out!

JJ’s Bar and Grill: A Neighborhood Favorite



JJ's Bar and Grill is a great spot to watch the game, grab a beer and a bite to eat. Set up in a big square shape with televisions visible from almost everywhere in the place, the bar area serves tasty food—particularly the burgers, boneless buffalo tenders, and the tips, both steak and haddock—and the […]

Winter Cold Got You Down?



It's getting colder by the minute! Don't let a cold get you down! Check out this list of home remedies for when you start getting the sniffles! Are there any cold remedies you swear by? Let us know what they are!

Ice Cream Cones Have a New Purpose in These Fun Recipes



Although you’ve probably only used ice cream cones for, well, ice cream, the recipe possibilities are truly endless for this sweet, crunchy treat—if you think creatively. Here are three completely unique spins on the classic ice cream cone. Apple Snack Mix [] This fun snack mix makes a wonderful kids’ party favor at birthday parties […]

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